Personal Scented Nailpolish For You

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Design your own Nail Polish Gift online and send it to someone you wish to surprise!

Surprise your girlfriend, mother, sister or niece with nail polish designed by you.

Not just with a handpicked color, but also with a scent chosen by you! Pick a color and a scent that you think will match and appeal to the person that the gift is for, and we will do the rest. This surprise gift set contains the custom nail polish, a base coat, a top coat, a beautiful gift box, and a label designed by you. you design and we produce the same day. The bottle of scented nail polish comes with an extra bottle of base coat and a bottle of top coat in a beautiful gift box and will be sent to that special someone whose day you’d like to brighten. Easily composed in a few simple steps, from color to scent to label, with her name and your personal message. supplies the most exclusive nail polish bottle on the market, bought specially by us and equipped with your custom label with personal message.

Most unique and personal gift
Scented gel effect nail polish in an exclusive bottle
Pick your own label, and we will print it
Your or her name and a personal message on the label
Fast delivery and the package fits through your letterbox
Price includes gift box and shipping costs
Free accompanying base coat and top coat with the nail polish and scent you’ve picked

Design your personal nail polish now and we will ship it today. A truly unique surprise for the recipient and for just € 29,95 we produce, package and ship your scented nail polish, base coat and top coat in a beautiful gift box, how cool is that?

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